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Our team members consult in the local, national and international arenas.  We approach each assignment from an industry-specific standpoint.  We work closely with our client-partners to determine their specific needs, and through collaborative efforts, we design, develop, map and implement programs which are measured every step of the way.  A consultant-client partnership is sure to deliver a world-class solution with a remarkable bottom-line difference.  A sample of projects completed is varied and interesting. 

Human Capital Assessment & Analysis



  • Industrial/Organizational Psychologist for the safety research project for the Transportation Research Board.  Published January 2015.

  • Established performance-based assessment programs for Orange County Community College Districts

  • At the Defense Language Institute, conducted in-depth culture and climate audit, organizational and leadership behavior analysis.  Provided step by step recommendations to the executive leadership team to manage

  • Participated in an in-depth assessment of the Operations at Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The project included conducting individual interviews, reviewing documents and observing the day to day procedure and practices

  • Co-consulted on an assessment and recommendation project for improving election training for the County of Los Angeles.  The strategy including using Lean Six Sigma and quality improvement methodologies

  • Conducted a battery of standardized self-assessments at Hoosier National Forest.  Facilitated team building and communications retreats

  • Integrated standardized tests into numerous programs: DISC, Myers-Briggs, SYMLOG, Keirsey and the MMPI.  Developed multiple surveys such as 360 Degree Assessment, leadership and customer surveys

  • Conducted a thorough job analysis for the unionized employees at the City of Portland

  • Conducted, developed and championed the goal setting and strategic planning efforts for the Asset Management Division at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). 

  • Assisted in the merger, re-engineering and change management processes of Puget Power and Washington Natural Gas to become Puget Sound Energy. 

  • Program Manager for the Office of Personnel Management Executive Leadership Development Program with the Department of Defense Leadership Program (DLAMP). 

  • Completed in-depth organizational needs analyses for the City of Seattle, NCR, & Mimi’s Café

  • Developed a human capital plan for Western Municipal Water District

  • Conducted a climate survey and conducted a two-day retreat to develop and implement strategies for restructuring the Sales Department at B&B Specialties

  • Participated in an extensive performance assessment for the City of Seattle which laid the foundation for the job reclassification and re-compensation programs for all executive and managerial employees

  • Coached executives at DoD, EEOC, County of Orange and Lee Hecht Harrison

  • Trained participants in Collaborative Leadership, Leading Change and Strategic Management.  Conducted executive coaching utilizing OPM’s 360 Degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Thomas-Kilmann and Disc Profile 

  • Developed and delivered customized training programs in performance-based budgeting and performance management for the Office of Management & Budget – USVI

Change Management & Organizational Development
  • Participated in the successful delivery of  360-degree programs for the City of Seattle & Holiday Inn, Jamaica & Aruba

  • Facilitated Communications & Team Building Program for Hyundai-HATA

  • Co-facilitated the implementation of a team building program for Cedar River Clinic which resulted in improved work relations along with a significantly measurable increase in worker productivity

  • Develop internal and external customer service surveys for Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

  • Co-facilitated a change management project for the implementation of a new financial management system for the Government of the US Virgin Islands



Facilitation, Training & Development

  • Successfully developed and delivered numerous customized training programs for:  Deloitte Consulting - negotiation and decision-making skills, Frame ‘n Lens – communications & team building skills, Oberto Sausage Company – employee development, Jamaica Tourist Board – leadership development, Jaycraft – stress management, Raleigh Bicycle – goal setting,  Horizon Outlets Inc,  Hotel Mockingbird Hill, SuperClubs in Jamaica – Customer services skills, Statetec – time management,  Cemco – supervisory development, B&B Specialties – managing people, Fabricia International – management and diversity skills, California Department of Motor Vehicles – sexual harassment & Wal-Mart – diversity skills, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission - presentation skills

  • Developed and trained managers and supervisors at the Transportation Security Administration in cultural diversity, the legal aspects of EEO, sensitivity, and tolerance at various airports 

  • Developed and delivered train-the-trainer programs for such clients as Heritage Home Health Care and Hotel Mockingbird Hill.  The programs also entailed developing strategic planning and succession planning protocols for the organizations. focused on customer service and employee development

  • Co-facilitated leadership development programs for five Washington States Cities

  • Conducted extensive training needs analysis for numerous organizations including Group Health Northwest, Kaiser Permanente, Kraft Foods and B&B Specialties

  • Instrumental in implementing Achieve Global training programs to numerous organizations including La Opinion, Nature’s Best, and Levis Strauss

















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